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August 09, 2010


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Tony Byrne

Congrats, Mike. Sounds very exciting.

Larry Hawes

Congratulations, Mike! Your career shift leaves a huge hole in the collaboration analyst ranks. I'll look forward to working with you in your new role at Cisco. Wishing you all the best!



Extremely excited for you Mike. Cisco just significantly improved its' odds at making its collaboration vision a reality.


Welcome Mike! I look forward to working with you as a colleague.


Congrats Mike! Look forward to seeing your work with Cisco and its collab initiatives.


Congrats Mike. Your pragmatism and big picture vision bring volumes to the table. Exciting times for you and Cisco.


That's fantastic Mike. It is interesting how we reached similar conclusions from different paths.

Looking at this market from the customer/practitioner side from P&G gave me a unique view, and the opportunity at Cisco looked like the right blend of right time, right technology, and right people. I've had a fabulous 6 months so far, and I wish you the best as you start your Cisco adventure. Give me a buzz when you get in the office.

Peter Saint-Andre

Excellent! You'll be a great addition to the Cisco collaboration team.

Eric Sauve, VP NewsGator Technologies

Congratulations Mike! Being on the vendor side is great fun! And Cisco looks like it is in a good position to make some headway!




Congratulations! Welcome to the Collaboration team.


Welcome to the Team Mike! I've been following your blog for a while. Looking forward to working with you!


Just found out Mike. Congrats. Look forward to comparing notes on this side of the fence.


Best of luck. You will be missed here...


You have my sincerest wishes for success! You are one of the sharpest analysts I know and your move to Cisco makes me think they have a much better chance of achieving their visions in the collaboration space. I hope you can continue to share your insights online -- but we know that when you take this kind of job, it's much harder to be as public as before (I know).

Jenni Adair

Wow! You went to the dark side :-) So good to see you land at a great place. They are lucky to have you!!! Good luck to you Mike. It was great meeting you (finally) at E20 this year. Hopefully our paths will cross again someday.

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