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November 01, 2010


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kare anderson

Helpful explanatory post. I'd love to see a follow-up on what kinds of tools, rules and pitfalls to avoid you'd suggest for each of the three... not asking much eh :-)

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I would be really interested to hear from anyone in the agile community who was successful in gaining a spot on the core PMBOK v5 committee. I hope there are some agile proponents represented. So please drop me a line if you were successful.


But as one goes from teams, to communities to social networks, the group size goes up, and the need to collaborate is drastically goes down. Tooling has to be different accordingly. Team spaces may be more appropriate for teams, as opposed to activity streams for social networks.

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I just don’t see how the right solution can be so tightly disciplined to a dollar figure. By all means, recognize that a problem has a cost attached to it, and therefore the solution must be limited by that financial context.

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Teams and communities are social networks. In fact, you could basically say that all teams and communities are social networks but not all social networks are teams and communities.

Totally aggre!

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