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January 17, 2011


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Very interesting article. We have an activity stream in our beta product (http://oneDrum.com) for co-authoring MS Office docs.

The trouble we've found is that it is:

1. Very noisy (editing and status notifications).
2. Too disconnected from the 'presence' of other users (why respond to a thing if you don't know if they are online).

So we're toying with the old idea of a dashboard, a single view that:

1. Tries to be clever in the measurement/definition of 'activity' e.g. is this a topic for which I have implicitly/explicitly expressed an interest recently (as opposed to a mere time ordered sequence of events).
2. Overtly separate lists of activities I am directly connected to, from those going on around me.

Clearly the goal here is to get the 'right' activities in front of users. And yet... and yet... it's rather crude .. but then so are activity streams.

The amount of data in front of us will increase by orders of magnitude; open standards will accelerate that trend. We really need the mechanisms in place to automatically interpret the stream and relate them to our actual activities.

Charlie Davidson

Mike, thanks for the thought leadership on this issue. We have been focussed on the elements that are needed in the middle layer of this solution architecture i.e. acquire, organize, refine, deliver, socialize and analyze... the reinforcement of standards for inside the organization will be very important to everyone involved.


Great points. Love the "roll based" and "process" based views. :)

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