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January 10, 2011


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Gary Jesch

You wrote: " I have not yet caught an article yet that looked at the decision-criteria issues strategists will need to address."

I'm not sure I understand the exact meaning of this convuluted statement. Perhaps a little editing is in order. Reading between the lines, I'd say that you're saying you're a little confused about what Salesforce hopes to accomplish by purchasing DimDim. So are a lot of people, I think.

The purchase of Netviewer by Citrix was more obvious - eliminating a competitor.

Perhaps Salesforce sees an opportunity to "create" a competitor to your colleagues at Cisco - they are a well-known and trusted vendor with a widely used platform in the enterprise and SMB community who has recently discovered the power of text-based collaboration via Chatter.

With this acquisition, they can simply add video messaging and desktop sharing to Chatter, along with file sharing and other related uses, in a rapid deployment that ends up outpacing Cisco and perhaps Citrix because of their integration with the CRMs of so many organizations.

After all, doesn't it seem like database integration for event invitations, attendance, registration and follow-up was a hastily-added feature to your web conferencing platforms? Now, Salesforce has the opportunity to integrate it, and enter the marketing automation space by automating webinar content marketing. Email marketing is already a Salesforce component.

It will be very interesting to see just what Salesforce will have to offer, won't it?

Mike Gotta

Gary, thanks for your comment. I appreciate the time taken. :) That said, I'm not sure that making somewhat rude commentary on grammar is the best way to introduce yourself...

On this blog, I am trying to maintain a more objective "voice". I had not seen any article that outlined the decision criteria or offered a critical assessment to identify areas of impact - large companies already have this type of IM/presence/web conferencing deployed. Adding these capabilities to an application platform is not without added complexity and overlap - true, the benefits you identify are valid but they are not impossible to do with other web conferencing platforms - some systems have similar interfaces for campaigns and such as I recall.

So I am not confused at all... but again, thanks for your post.


The acquisition has lots of implications, not only for companies but customers as well. The void created by the acquisition has to be filled with so that people can get similar services to run their businesses. For now, one can opt for services like GoMeetNow http://www.gomeetnow.com, Adobe Connect etc.

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